The Danes' favourite shopping assistant

Molly tips users

Molly is a virtual shopping assistant that helps users while they shop online.

For example, Molly can advise on:
- Is this webshop safe to shop at?
- Can I buy the same item cheaper somewhere else?
- Are there any other products I should consider?

Always useful

Molly wants a lifelong relationship with her users, so she only pops up when she has something on her mind that the user will appreciate knowing. Maybe she can prevent the user from being scammed or help them make an even better purchase.

Whisper in the ear

Haven't you often wanted to whisper in the ears of users who are about to buy from your competitors? It's frustrating to be able to offer something better - without having the chance to communicate it.

Now you can with Molly, as long as it helps the user make a better purchase. So why not give them a heads up before they make a bad purchase from the competition?

Molly converts

Do you also dream of more of your visitors ending up buying? Molly can help build trust in your site and ensure that your competitors don't communicate to users while they're visiting your site. Molly can also create other incentives to buy, for example with dynamic coupon codes.

Soon, Molly can also follow up your visitors who have just left a full shopping cart without going to checkout.

Molly collaboration

When you fully engage with Molly, the team behind it will work to ensure that you convert as many of your visits as possible into sales and drive new traffic to its site from relevant websites.

You are also more than welcome to contact us and suggest specific websites where it might be appropriate to tell about your products.

The only restriction is that the message must be relevant to the user

Molly affiliate

Molly works as much as possible through affiliate agencies, but can also work directly with major advertisers. Only Molly users' visits to your website can trigger a commission on any sales if one of the following points is met: ↪C_200D↩ - Molly has created traffic to your site and/or Only Molly users' visits to your website can trigger a commission on any sales if one of these points is met:

- Molly has generated traffic to your site and/or
- Molly has adapted its communication to visitors to your site and/or
- Molly has increased the likelihood of conversion on your website by, for example: promoting positive aspects of your site (e.g. reviews and e-brand), withholding communication from your competitors or by limiting information about negative aspects

It is possible to differentiate the collaboration with Molly so that there are different commissions for different types of initiatives.

However, as a general rule, there is actually a lower commission on the sales of those Molly users who find your site themselves, as cookies are only set when our users actively interact with Molly on your site in specific ways.

Users love coupon codes

Many of Molly's users have installed Molly to access coupon codes. As a partner, you naturally decide which coupon codes you want to share via Molly and whether you want to be profiled in our overall overview of webshops with discounts.

Some advertisers are sceptical about coupon codes, and we fully understand that. After all, why give a discount to consumers who would have happily bought the same goods at full price? With Molly, you'll be able to target coupon codes to the situations and users where it makes a difference.

Contact us for cooperation

Talk to us about the possibilities for your webshop. Contact Peter Kofoed on tel 50502557 or write to