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Share your coupon codes with other Molly users

Do you have a discount code you would like to share? 

And can the code be used by anyone?

We will avoid passing on coupon codes that are intended for a selected person or a clearly defined group of persons. So while we are generally very happy for you to share your active coupon codes with other Molly users, we discourage codes that are clearly not for everyone to use. 

  • Codes in e-mails to a customer club that are intended for club members only
  • Codes that exist only in a closed universe, requiring unique login
  • Codes that only work if you enter your e-mail address at the same time

If in doubt, you can search for the code on the Internet.
If no one else mentions it, chances are it's exclusive and we recommend you don't share it.

When you share a discount code with Molly you automatically agree to our Terms of Use.
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