Molly on iOS

Download Molly in the App Store

Works from iPhone 6s and with iOS 15 or later installed.

How to activate Molly for iPhone or iPad

After installation, enable Molly in settings and grant permission on all sites. Then Molly will automatically show up when there are coupon codes and reviews.

Activate Molly on iOS

Step by step guide

Follow this guide:

1. Go to Settings
2. Choose Safari
3. Select Extensions
4. Press Molly
5. Active Molly
6. Press "Ask"
7. Allow Molly on all sites
Now you are ready to use Molly.

Molly automatically appears on sites that are active.
Have fun!

Add Molly to your Safari browser

You can add Molly to your Safari browser and get a discount on your next purchase. Molly works on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Molly for Safari