coupon codes for your webshop

coupon codes are most often associated with disloyal users who do not add value to the business. The opposite turns out to be true. 

Do coupon codes fit my brand? 

Maybe you have a perception that coupon codes don't fit your brand. You obviously have a strong interest in protecting your brand and may think that coupon codes should not be associated with your particular brand. Often, high-end brands are not associated with offers and coupon codes, but they also need to sell out of seasonal and older items to offset seasonal fluctuations. This is where offers, discounts and coupon codes are used to push sales. 

The customer converts anyway

Some webshop owners fear that they are wasting money by working with a shopping assistant like Molly because the customer would probably have converted anyway. The argument could be that when the customer hits the basket and sees the discount code field, the customer searches for the brand and discount code on Google anyway and you pay for the conversion anyway.

Our own data and a huge study from Google with more than 200million searches show something completely different and the numbers speak for themselves:

Discount code users are 2 times more likely to convert than users who do not use coupon codes
Discount code users generate 5% more revenue than users who do not use coupon codes over 6 month period
Discount code users are twice as loyal to a brand they have previously saved with than users who do not use coupon codes
96% of users compare prices across multiple shops before converting
52% of users wait to buy if they don't find a discount code 
40% of users search for a discount code for more than 15 minutes 

Opportunities with coupon codes:

There are many possibilities with a collaboration with Molly and how coupon codes can add value to your webshop.

Discount code for new customers

The goal is to convert new customers using a discount code.

Discount code with minimum order amount

The goal is to raise the average order value.

Discount code for sale

The aim is to secure sales of a more expensive and better product. The discount code only works on products that are better or newer and only appears if a customer is on a specific page. 

Cooperation with Molly

You can use Molly's service to create added value and more sales. Molly can ensure that your offers are as accurate and clear as possible. Molly can help you achieve additional sales within the agreed framework and you have full control over the time and place of promotion of the coupon codes.

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