Understand how cookies are set

Tracking sales

Of course, Molly gets a commission on all sales from traffic that Molly has generated to your site.

However, Molly's efforts on your own site also help to promote conversion when our users find their way to your site without Molly's help. For most visits, however, you will not pay for this effort, as you only pay commission on sales where the user has actively interacted with Molly on your site in one of these ways:

Click on the Molly icon to open the Molly page

It does not trigger tracking when Molly is opened automatically.

Click on Molly's messages (for more detailed info)
The user chooses to follow your page
Click on "See discount codes" or "Check discount codes"
Adapted and aligned with the industry

The above methodology is defined in agreement with the affiliate industry players. However, it is possible to customize the methodology by agreement.

Contact us for cooperation

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